Domenica Brockman


"My paintings and collages are intentionally non-objective, but the imagery might stir dormant associations, perhaps the flavor of a piece of fruit, the sensuality of a flower, the tactile quality of a piece of velvet or the slippery transparency of water."

- Domenica Brockman

Domenica Brockman’s work explores geometry, colour, and surface. Her preferred medium is encaustic paint (pigmented wax and resin) on wood panels. Formally, Brockman often works with the shape of the square, using it alone and in grids, and utilises a restricted palette across varied textures. In paintings and collage work, the surface is painted, then broken apart, to be reassembled in compositions that feel as if they have come about by chance, but in actual fact have come about as the product of long deliberation.


Born in the U.S. and raised in various African countries, Brockman’s work is influenced by her passion for hand woven textiles from around the world. The artist has a BFA from Cornell University, and a Post Baccalaureate degree from the School of Visual Arts. When she is not in her studio painting, she co-runs “The Petrune Gallery” and the Cayuga Arts Collective, a nonprofit organisation for artists.