My paintings are always partly, if not entirely, unplanned. I create spontaneous landscapes of pattern and form, masking one part of the landscape while I create another; not knowing how the whole will appear until the mask is peeled away.”

- Matt Dosa

Matt Dosa is an autodidactic abstract painter. Borrowing from the graffiti scene where he made his name and learned his craft, Dosa’s practice involves layering spray paint, ink, and acrylic.


Bright landscapes of pattern and form playfully echo the vibrancy of the city, an environment which Dosa has spent his life inhabiting. Using masking techniques to cover parts of the work while he creates others, the whole is only clear to the artist towards the end - in “moments of truth” as the mask is peeled away. 


“A lot of my work is spontaneous,” says Matt. “So the art is as much in the process as the end result. I invent new techniques, and test them out directly on the canvas. You could see my work as a series of experiments - each one taking something that worked on the previous painting, and building it into a new environment." 


In recent years, Dosa’s’s signature geometric style has found home in outdoor projects and murals, as well as on canvas and the walls of art galleries. His two-storey mural in New Brighton, a nod to British seaside idylls, was a highlight of the city’s ongoing regeneration, while his ‘platinum discs’ piece in the reception area of Decca Records has provided the backdrop for many of the label’s recent signings.


Matt Dosa works from his studio in North London.