"Find a thing.

Find some other things.

Make an image of the first thing from the other things to make a new thing.



Turner’s work is concerned with the unnoticed ephemeral elements of everyday life. Turner collects discarded objects from the street and the shapes in the paintings are based on these. They provide a visual vocabulary - becoming a semiotic language in themselves. These are not abstract paintings but images based on something from the real world.


The work is constructed under self-imposed limitations. Turner is interested in humble everyday things and the materials used are humble (household paint, varnish and wax etc.). Working on wood allows the surface to be attacked and the paintings reveal how they were constructed. The final object is not only an image - it is a physical thing. 


Turner describes them as paintings and the process comes from asking ‘What is a painting’. A painting is two things - the matter it is made from and a signal that points to something else. It is a dialogue between a three-dimensional form and an image that relates to the original object – a new version of itself.


Imposing limitations leads to opportunities and allows the work to progress. These are images of things made from things and the final result is a new thing. The ordinary becomes unusual and other.