“You can tell as much about a society by what it discards and ignores as by what it values and aspires to be”

- JFK Turner


JFK Turner’s work is concerned with the ephemeral elements of everyday life. The artist repurposes discarded objects and the shapes in the paintings are based on these. They provide a visual vocabulary - becoming a semiotic language in themselves. Interested in humble everyday things, the materials Turner uses are humble (household paint, varnish and wax etc.). Working on wood allows the surface to be attacked and the paintings reveal how they were constructed. The final object is not only an image - it is a physical thing. These are images of things made from things and the final result is a new thing. The ordinary becomes unusual and other.


Eastbourne based JFK Turner has exhibited and is collected internationally, and has show in venues including the RA. The artist’s manifesto pertains to the reimagining of material: “Find a thing. Find some other things. Make an image of the first thing from the other things to make a new thing. Repeat.”