“I aim to work quickly and instinctively and following long sequences of rapid drawing, my intention is to arrive in the realms of a compositional conclusion within the first executions onto surface.” 

- Sara Dare

Sara Dare primarily works on a large-scale using paper, linen and canvas, combined with a range of mediums informed by finish and viscosity such as ink, oil, emulsion and acrylic. Psychologically charged forms push against the edges of the canvas, split open, dangle and protrude, a fine balance between discomfort and humour, and the worldly and contrived. Large scale works create illusions of ergonomic space, while smaller works emphasise the broad-brushed gesture and allow the viewer to observe more intimately a personal dissection or close-up.Dare is present in the evidence of brushstrokes and subtle nods to process.  


Sara Dare is based in West Sussex and studied Fine Art and Education at Brighton University. The artist’s paintings concern balance: whether that be in the forms which play against one another or in the environments in which she likes to stage paintings. Having sold work to collectors internationally, Dare’s exhibition history is diverse, with art fairs and group shows in notable locations such as Saatchi.