Agnes Pezeu: Outline

Working in a similar manner to the 'action' painters of the 1940's, Pezeu traces charcoal outlines of models enacting various scenes before drizzling wet paint over the canvas to further delineate the silhouettes. The fluidity and palpable lightness of Pezeu's canvases convey a sense of intangibility, yet they give transient, fleeting moment of time permanence. Delicacy is balanced by dynamism deriving from the strong sense of movement emanating from each figure. This duality is further explored by the absence of the model- no longer physically present on the canvas, yet forever present in the lines of the paint. 

Pezeu has painted frescoes in numerous French cities in addition to completing private

commissions. Her collectors are global; with work held in private collections throughout Paris, Milan, Rome, Seoul, Tokyo, Istanbul, New York Montreal and Madrid.