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    The Art of Gifting

    The Art of Gift-Giving


    Gifting art to someone special is an incredibly thoughtful gesture at any time, but at Christmas it feels particularly poignant. It’s a way to celebrate relationships, mark achievements, and commemorate special moments at the end of yet another year.  Finding the perfect artwork can feel daunting though, so here are a few guiding principles to consider:


    Think about the recipient’s style:


    Picture your special someone’s home.  Does it ooze glitz and glamour?  Are they partial to mid-century modern?  Or is their abode all minimalist sharp lines and decluttered surfaces?  Your artwork selection – and any framing options – should reflect their personal style.  Spend time thinking about their current choices in colours, mediums, and sizes in order to ensure your gift is in keeping with their lifestyle.


    Consider personal passions:


    If you’re choosing art for someone, it’s likely that you know them well enough to judge what sets their passions alight.  Take inspiration from the things they love, or from special moments that you have shared together.  This may be a landscape reminiscent of a particular place; a quirky image of a beloved breed of pet, or simply an abstract print by a favourite artist.  Don’t overthink it though!  Putting too many limitations on your choice can be confining and exhausting.   Sometimes a beautiful image is all you need.


    Set a budget:


    Art needn’t be an extravagant purchase.  Consider a small work or unique piece of sculpture which can be easily placed within a home.  Or choose a signed, limited-edition print. All will be easier on the wallet!  But if you do decide to push the boat out, speak with the gallery.  They often offer interest-free payment plans, which allow you to make small payments over a series of months.  Or better yet, share the burden by making it a group investment, and get friends or family involved.  It will make your cherished selection even more festive.


    Go with a gift certificate:


    If you remain stumped on the perfect piece, consider a gift certificate.  Far from being cliched, this offers an opportunity for the two of you to spend time together selecting the perfect piece.  What better way to banish the post-holiday blues?

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    Abstract Thoughts: How to feature abstract artwork in your home.

    Abstract Thoughts


    Abstract art is an interior designer’s dream when it comes to putting the finishing touches to a sophisticated design. The subject matter of abstract art is open to interpretation, and therefore it never overshadows a room’s narrative. Instead, it uses the purity of colour, line, and shape to create emotions and thoughts in the viewer, while drawing the eye to pivotal points within a space.


    Here are some of my favourite ways to feature abstract art in interiors:


    Use a pop of colour (or monochrome!) to add a focal point to your room.


    An oversized, colourful work is an ideal way to focus attention on a significant aspect in your home.  The artwork’s colour and abstract dynamism will not only draw attention, but it will also create depth and movement within the room.  If too much colour feels intimidating, try an energetic black-and-white abstract.  Powerful monochromes lend boldness and sophistication to a space in equal measure.


    Group works together – with intention.


    I am a sucker for a thoughtful grouping of art works. This could be abstracts by the same artist, or simply works that have a shared theme or similar style.  The trick is to be consistent in the design or colour of framing, so that the finished collection feels cohesive, thereby making an impressive statement in its entirety.


    Choose colours that complement your décor.


    I admit that I dislike it when people select art based upon the colour of their sofa.  Choose art because you love it, not because it ‘matches’ your interior.  That said, colour should always be a consideration when placing your works, so do ensure that the tones are harmonious.  And if you happen to purchase a new cushion that brings out a small accent in your artwork?  Well, what a happy ‘coincidence.’


    Don’t be afraid to use abstract art in a traditional setting.


    It is a common misperception that abstract art only works with a modern aesthetic.  While it does look great in a contemporary setting, it will also elevate even the most traditional of interiors.  This juxtaposition of styles is hugely effective and adds a fresh perspective to elegant antiques and treasured heirlooms. 


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