My paintings are always partly, if not entirely, unplanned. I create spontaneous landscapes of pattern and form, masking one part of the landscape while I create another; not knowing how the whole will appear until the mask is peeled away.”

- Matt Dosa

Matt Dosa is an abstract artist from North London. Spanning a variety of mediums — paintings, sculptures, prints and murals — his works in all forms share a vigorous playfulness, making echoes of the city where he has lived and worked for over three decades.


‘To love the city you must find beauty in the chaos,’ says Matt. ‘You must be deeply energised by the struggle for space, by the hustle and crush, the sense that equilibrium is always just out of reach.  Without it, so much creative work — including my own — never would have been.’


In 2022, Matt was commissioned by the Mayor of London and Haringey Council to design and install the noted ‘Under Many Flags’ mural on the Brutalist car park at The Mall, Wood Green. His two-storey mural in New Brighton, a nod to British seaside idylls, was a highlight of the city’s ongoing regeneration. As a muralist and public artist, he has produced commissions for the NHS, Universal Music Group, and the charities Centre Point and Single Homeless Project, amongst others.  


Earlier this year, Matt was funded by the Arts Council to expand his practice into screen printing and sculpture. His work in these new mediums continues to develop.