"My aim is for all the elements of the paintings; the materials, the content, the subject, to balance precariously on a poetic-geometric knife edge. " 

- Marion Piper

Marion Piper cites a range of influences to inform her sophisticated, clean visual approach. The artist’s work abstractly and formally riffs on themes of interrelation. Suede-like colours themselves, alongside white, black, and buff, correlate across collections — titles such as switch, stack, spring, palette, frame, and grid, themselves connecting devices. Light, colour and movement come together within her work where drawing and painting unfold simultaneously. The groups of work emerge intuitively in the studio. 


Having lived in London, Brussels and Paris, Marion Piper has now returned to the county of her birth to live under the wide open skies of North Norfolk. Piper is influenced by all manner of literature, place and history, and conveys these complex intersections as compositions.