“I aim to work quickly and instinctively and following long sequences of rapid drawing, my intention is to arrive in the realms of a compositional conclusion within the first executions onto surface.” 

- Sara Dare

 Sara Dare is an abstract painter. She primarily works on a large-scale using paper, linen and canvas, combined with a range of mediums informed by finish and viscosity such as ink, oil, emulsion and acrylic. 


Dare’s paintings seek to convey an initial playful interaction with the viewer followed by a sense of unease or tension.  Psychologically charged forms push against the edges of the canvas, split open, dangle and protrude and successes are a fine balance between discomfort and humour, and the organic and contrived. 


Dare is also concerned with the environment surrounding the works and the conversations between them. She consistently works on several pieces as a series and actively encourages a dialogue and visual interaction that connects and holds them together. 


The significance of scale and alternative curation and installation is an ongoing enquiry in Dare’s practice. By documenting paintings in urban landscapes such as industrial estates and car-parks, she insists that the paintings work harder to engage with their audience, whilst also finding their own relevance in terms of proportion, colour and physicality. Initially a ‘reaction against’ and a ‘mechanism to support’ viewing art on digital platforms, this continuing investigation also illuminates a bodily presence in the paintings, underscored by the contrast of a hard-edged backdrop. 


The size of the large canvases is carefully considered to create the illusion of an ergonomic or physiological space through visual clues and the manipulation of symmetry - a tunnel or an archway - intimate or imposing. There is evidence of Dare’s physical contact and the process behind the work is typically exposed. This touch is often awkwardly just within reach, reducing the capacity for a slick finish or confident gesture and unambiguously hand made. Smaller works emphasise the broad-brushed gesture and allow the viewer to observe more intimately a personal dissection or close-up. 


Sara Dare is based in West Sussex and has sold work to collectors internationally