English artist Ferris McGuinty lives and works in Cornwall, producing sculpture, assemblages, furniture and lighting that explores the relationships between material, form and balance. In an ongoing investigation into the notions of shape, line, equilibrium and colour, there is rarely a specific reference point, although the works do borrow from a wide lexicon of visual culture.


McGuinty’s work resonates through a language that is common across the spectrum of the art forms he proposes within architecture, painting, sculpture and design. 

The artist believes that paring back to the basic principles serves to condense elements of these varying influences. What the work reflects through these connections isn't a conscious reference, it's more a symbiosis. Engaged in a similar form to Haiku poetry, seemingly disparate elements in the work are cut and juxtaposed, as if compressing a wider experience, emphasising simplicity, intensity, and directness of expression.