Agnes Pezeu

As a child, Agnès Pezeu dreamt of becoming a butcher, instead, she became a painter. Two worlds that are not easy to combine but that her canvases — relentlessly intertwining the flesh and the living — keep revealing. For Pezeu, art is about meeting and sharing, it is not a solitary pleasure. The canvas becomes a game for two, at least. 

The first act is a private scene where the other lays down on the canvas set up on the floor. Pezeu gets closer, leans forward, and finally touches it in order to capture its contours, as close as possible to the skin. If Pezeu paints with her heart, she doesn’t hesitate to use her body too. Freed from all aesthetic standards, the line vibrates and follows the fluctuations of the gesture. Floating on the matter, liberating the movement, releasing the creative will of all formal responsibility, the dripping technique opens new horizons, unknown until now. With her, the creative process is about intelligence, breath and spirit, a life principle that celebrates the matter and the living; bodies, nature, elements, modelling, and transparency.

Pezeu’s paintings relentlessly reveal the emotion aroused by the other. Thanks to her renewed capacity to transfigure the bodies and to her insatiable appetite for life, Pezeu composes a grand phantasmagorical gesture that stretches out of the canvas. Her monumental outdoor installations do the same. She thinks big and far, and has always loved large scales. Perhaps that is why her work is protean.