Luke and Mandy had known each other for several years before the stars aligned and they went on their first date. Quickly after meeting Luke started to photograph his model girlfriend; they adored the art they created together and began their own photographic series which evolved into their own complete brand. The team has traveled and created art in over 10 countries. They now reside in the exquisite Gers region in southern France with their baby boy Milo. 

Luke & Mandy shoot photographic artworks that often have a sprinkle of Mixed Media. The duo regularly sells artworks to luxury interior designers and private buyers all over the world. They have also released an art book which is for sale in select bookshops throughout the UK, including the oldest bookshop in England - Hatchards, London.
Luke & Mandy simply create, in any and every way their journey takes them. Not conformed to industry politics and rules, just believers in an incomparable destiny.