Gillian Hyland


“It’s not about creating a pretty picture, for me it’s the intention that lies beneath it that is truly worthwhile. I’m drawn to the thinking mind behind the face, the subject’s eyes holding a story in their gaze.” 

 - Gillian Hyland

Gillian Hyland creates supernatural staged images, informed by her own poetry. Hyland’s unsettling mise-en-scene are full of sex and desire, sadness and nostalgia. Narratives that are psychologically evocative; at once sublimely theatrical yet poignant. Her dramatic photographs are based on her own poems and depict characters in human dramas and isolated emotional situations. Frozen in time, solitary and vulnerable moments are presented in technicolour and timeless sets.


Having spent 14 years in the visual arts industry, Gillian Hyland’s work is imbued with the theatrical. Having worked as a feature writer, then moving into the television and film industry, Hyland has been a fashion stylist, set designer, and art director.  This diverse creative background helped her develop a passion for making images, which evolved into her own distinctive, photographic style.