'I like to take found elements from street adverts and juxtapose them or layer them with tropical elements such as palm leaves as a way to explore the impact of human intervention and ideas of capitalism on the natural environment.'

- Richard Hoey

Richard Hoey combines typography, diverse material, and references from popular and local culture in his vibrant work. Environmental factors influence the artist’s formal approach heavily, his collaged paintings featuring the patterns within Brazilian paving, palm leaves, graphic street advertisements, and unexpected materials. Tropical elements are juxtaposed with geometrical forms and bold graphics, occasionally combined with gold-leaf, one of Hoey’s signature materials. 


Richard Hoey was born in Cheshire and lives in Brazil, where he derives artistic inspiration. The artist’s work is held in private collections and exhibited internationally, and he has received commissions from world-renowned designers including Kelly Hoppen, Michael Reeves and Mary Fox Linton.