"The entire process felt like an adventure!  I rEally can’t put a price on Jennifer’s expertise and the fun I had working with her.”   

– Private Client, Central London


Art Advisor: Jennifer Conner

After Nyne Art Advisory Service can source artworks of any artistic taste - not just those offered by After Nyne Contemporary. Art Advisor Jennifer Conner provides her clients with access to galleries and artists across the UK and beyond - all at prices that won't break the bank.

With over 20 years' experience in the art world, including roles at Sotheby's, Lisson Gallery, and The Affordable Art Fair, you can be sure you're in safe hands.  Jennifer is well versed in all artistic mediums and styles, and her accessible, friendly advice will help you to identify what best suits your taste and décor.


And most importantly, you’ll have fun!


How It Works:

 Simply schedule a home visit (or Zoom call, if preferred!) and Jennifer will discuss your space, aims and budget.  So often people can appreciate beautiful art, but don’t know where to start when it comes to selecting works for their own home; Jennifer will ask the questions that will help to crystallize your vision. 


After that initial consultation, Jennifer will begin her research.  She will develop a comprehensive presentation of suggested artists and works; introducing and explaining each one in detail.  From there, you decide which artworks make the cut!  The list will be continually refined until you are confident and happy about moving to the next step.


Jennifer will then negotiate with the galleries and/or artists and will secure the works for the best possible price, ensuring that they are safely delivered to your home.  If desired, she is always happy to work with clients to decide the best framing and installation options to suit your space.


So How Much Does It Cost?

 Hiring an art advisor sounds incredibly luxurious, but clients are often surprised to learn that any fees are typically paid for by negotiated artwork prices — meaning that ultimately the cost is no morethan clients would have spent if they had walked into each individual gallery. 


The initial home visit or Zoom call is complimentary, and at that point the structure of the fee will be agreed.  Typically, clients opt to pay for an initial presentation of 10 proposed artists/works for a flat fee of £225, after which an hourly, project, or commission-based fee will be determined for the next step.  This is usually dependent upon the scale of the project to be undertaken and the services required, but the aim is to sustain no cost to you that would be more than if you had purchased the works directly yourself.


Any Added Benefits?

 Jennifer is often able to provide the following, delivering further tailored advice and informative insight throughout the process:


  • Complimentary tickets to art fairs, in order to hone your vision
  • Private tours at galleries and fairs, directing clients to works that best suit their needs
  • Direct introductions to artists, making your artwork purchase even more special
  • Suggestions for bespoke commissions, at surprisingly affordable prices 


“I didn’t even know where to start in terms of the right art for my newly refurbished flat. It felt really indulgent engaging with an art advisor, but immediately upon working with Jennifer, I felt totally relaxed.  She is so genuine and down-to-earth, and began by asking simple, straightforward questions about what I liked & didn’t like; offering examples so that I could begin to understand my own tastes!  We reviewed my home furnishings; the light in my flat; and talked about what types of artwork might look right for various spaces (within my in-extravagant budget!).  She even took me on a private tour of an art fair; pointing out a work that now takes pride of place in my sitting room.  The entire process felt like an adventure!  I really can’t put a price on Jennifer’s expertise and the fun I had working with her.”   – Private Client, Central London


To enquire about our art advisory services contact

Jennifer Conner, Art Advisor
e. jennifer@afternyne.com
t. +44 (0) 7979 646 189